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eAA champions excellence at Key e-Assessment Event

eAA champions excellence at Key e-Assessment Event

The e-Assessment Association (eAA), an independent organisation that advocates the effective use of e-Assessment to support learning in schools, colleges, universities and in the workplace, lends its support to the e-Assessment Scotland conference and award ceremony.

This popular conference takes place at the University of Dundee on August 23rd, with a parallel on-line programme from August 19th – 30th, and is supported and championed by the eAA.

As the largest one-day UK e-Assessment conference, e-Assessment Scotland 2013 ‘Joining In, Joining Up’ will show how e-Assessment solutions are being implemented in education, training and the workplace, as well as recognising excellence through the e-Assessment Scotland awards.

eAA’s Chairman, Matt Wingfield, stated:

“The e-Assessment Scotland event is important to the eAA because it’s an opportunity to meet our members and harvest feedback on our direction and priorities, as well as support the event awards to recognise e-Assessment good practice.

I’m delighted that the Scottish e-Assessment community provides an industry focus with award recognition and an engaging speaker line up. The eAA recognises and raises the visibility of excellence in e-Assessment and we are proud to lend our name to the event and awards.

It’s important that the eAA informs its membership about successful e-Assessment projects and new innovations, and I’m pleased that the event is being supported by some of our corporate sponsors who live and breathe e-Assessment innovation and excellence: BTL, Calibrand, eCom Scotland, Questionmark and TAG Assessment.”

With a programme of national and international speakers delivering 45 presentations, seminars and workshops, e-Assessment Scotland 2013 closes with the 5th e-Assessment Scotland Awards, in recognition of excellence and innovation in the use of e-Assessment.

Notes for Editors
The e-Assessment Association is a not-for-profit membership body with three major goals.
To provide professional support and facilitate debate and discussion for people involved in this field of expertise; create and communicate the positive contributions that technology makes to all forms of assessment and to develop statements of good practice for suppliers and consumers of e-Assessment technologies.

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