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Axia Interactive Media becomes a bronze sponsor of the e-Assessment Association

Axia Interactive Media becomes a bronze sponsor of the e-Assessment Association

Leeds, UK. 30th July 2015

Axia Interactive Media is delighted to announce it has become a sponsor of the e-Assessment Association. The company, founded in 1997, specialises in using the internet to enable individuals to capture evidence of their professional and vocational skills, and have them assessed. Up to recently, the company’s customer base has been drawn from Professional Bodies, FE Colleges and Training Providers, however the company has now begun to work with Universities and in Ireland.

This year, Axia Interactive has secured a major contract with the ACCA (the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants) to provide the tool that 300k students and their supervisors use, to demonstrate that they have met the Practical Experience Requirement set by the ACCA. The company already provide a tool that meets a similar purpose to ICAS (the Institute of Chartered Accountants).

Last year the company won a Bronze award at the national Learning Awards for the upgrade of the online CPD and accreditation site that the company has developed with one of its long standing customers, the Society and College of Radiographers. This led to a significant increase in the proportion of the membership using the on-line site.

This year’s entry will be for Axia Interactive’s work with Southampton and Bournemouth Universities, where the assessment of pre-registration health professionals practice has been successfully transformed from a paper-based process into fully online, accessible from any device with a browser.

Last year, Axia’s Chris Peat was elected as a Board member of the e-Assessment Association. As the company’s Customer Services Director, Chris commented,

‘Our sponsorship of the e-AA comes at a time when we are expanding our customer base and the assessment tools that we offer. There is a growing demand for an assessment platform that can fully reflect the methodology and approach of the organisations we work with. This makes the adoption of an online approach easier, because the end user is interacting with documents and assessment rules, with which they are familiar.

Our platform enables us to work with organisations, so that their users only see what they need to see and do, depending on the group they belong to, and the role they play in the assessment process. Many of our customers have had to shape their assessment methodology to match the learning environments in which they operate. They therefore welcome a platform that is able to reflect their approach at a very granular level.

We are looking forward to working with the Association to encourage more learning organisations to adopt an e-assessment approach.’

About Axia Interactive Media

Axia Interactive Media supplies sites to support the assessment of professional and vocational skills to professional bodies, Universities, FE Colleges and training providers in the UK and in Ireland.

Axia Interactive has developed an ability to directly map any rubric for the assessment of skills demonstrated in the workplace onto our pioneering platform. As a result our customers do not need to change what they do to fit into our system, our system is flexible enough to reflect what they do and in the process enhance the quality and effectiveness of what they assess. We are able to apply the latest technological developments to capture complex processes and convert them into simple to use sites, which only show users what they need to do, at the point they need to do it and still provide an opportunity for them to fully demonstrate the skills they have developed.

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