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Announcement of the launch of the International Examination Officers’ Association

Announcement of the launch of the International Examination Officers’ Association

August 16th, 2017 | 9.30am

Press release: Announcement of the launch of the International Examination Officers’ Association

As a result of the work of the Department of Education and organisations such as OfQual, the JCQ and the Awarding Bodies, the U.K.’s examination system enjoys considerable respect throughout the world and its outcomes are trusted.

This has resulted in the Examination Officers’ Association (EOA) finding it is receiving requests for advice and assistance from a number of overseas bodies.  The Association has decided it would be appropriate to change its name to the International Examinations Officers Association (iEOA) to reflect this position more correctly, building on its past engagement with the British Council and other activity related to overseas programmes and projects over many years. 

The iEOA will still maintain its status as a charity and not-for-profit professional organisation representing its community from its various bases, including the University of Reading, and these changes will take place on August 31st. 2017.  It remains committed to being available to offer advice, assistance and training, primarily of course to examinations officers and invigilators through its St. Mary’s University and Industry Qualifications professional development programmes, for all types of centre in the UK and abroad.

It is also committed to working more closely with all members of the education and exams community, including the DfE, OfQual, Ofsted, the JCQ representing mainly general qualification exam bodies, and FAB representing vocational exam bodies, teaching unions and MIS providers and data management system such as Capita Sims and SISRA, by providing an independent perspective on existing and future processes and practice.

At the top of the iEOA’s list is the continued commitment to all students undertaking exams and assessments to encourage and promote good exam practice amongst all the exam community so that the best environment is created for all students to show their full potential.

The iEOA will continue to support recent developments around Assistive Technology within its Exam SEND Service and External Candidate Service, who are a growing community needing more support to access the public exam systems. 

Contact details:

Andrew Harland (iEOA Director and Chief Executive) or 0118 975 8552

Charity Number 1109163 | Company Number 5370909

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