Lifetime Contribution – Nominations now closed

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The Lifetime Contribution Award acknowledges the contribution made by an individual who, in the opinion of the independent panel of judges selected by the e-Assessment Association, deserves to be honoured for his or her contribution and sustained commitment to e-assessment over the duration of his or her career.

The category is for nomination by a third party. Institutions and individuals are welcome to submit nominations for consideration.

The individual may have had influence on the design, development, promotion, execution or support of e-assessment at a local, regional, national or international level.


Each submission will be considered on individual merit. For the Lifetime Contribution Award you may like to consider some or all of the following points:

  • Is there a specific stakeholder community (or communities) to which the individual has contributed?
  • Does this stakeholder community encompass a recognised area of assessment that could be, or has been changed by the use of e-assessment solutions?
  • What evidence is available to demonstrate his or her vision and work – published papers, conference contributions, influencing key decision-makers, building a new consensus of opinion?
  • Has the individual demonstrated a long-term commitment to one or more stakeholder communities, working through and overcoming issues such as scepticism, lack of interest, funding challenges, practical difficulties and lack of willingness to take risks?
  • Has the individual been flexible in approach over their career, such that the vision has not been compromised but the route to achieving it may have been varied from that first envisaged?
  • Has the individual developed a profile as a ‘go-to person’ in the stakeholder community or communities where he or she is recognised as an authority?
  • Has the individual demonstrated that he or she has kept pace with new developments in the sector and with technology, which may have impacted upon his or her field of work over time, and been able to adapt where appropriate as a result?


Nominations for this award are voted on by private ballot of all of the members of the Board of the e-Assessment Association.

The Board of the Association is made up of both Corporate and Ordinary Members who are each voted in for a three-year term at our annual elections. Voting is open to all of the Association's members just ahead of our Annual General Meeting each year. To find out more about Association and it's Board Members, please click the link below.