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We are delighted to launch our Independent Consultants listing page.

This is in response to the many requests we receive from awarding bodies and other professional organisations looking to explore the use of e-assessment and seeking support and advice on the subject.

Whilst we have supported these requests on an informal and ad hoc basis over the years, we now feel that the time is right to create a more formal offering and create a more non-partisan support.


If you are an independent consultant, and would like to be listed on this page, we ask for a short bio, your contact details and areas of expertise in return for a nominal annual fee and 10% of any revenue obtained from the services secured as a result of this on a trust basis.

If you would like to find out more, or subscribe to this service, please email:

The eAA is a not-for-profit organisation, so any funds received will be utilised solely to help support the eAA and improve services to our members. 

Whilst there may be organisations that also provide consulting services, this section of the site is aimed at individual consultants. Listings on this site do not infer our recommendation or promotion.  We have provided a link to each listed consultant's Linked-in profile which will allow you to ascertain the credibility of an individual consultant based on their experience. We cannot confirm the independent status of any consultant and we recommend that you ask them directly whether they have any commercial or other links with any potential providers of e-assessment services.

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Each individual listed below has provided us with a short description of their experience and has highlighted six particular areas of expertise that are listed to the right of their profile.

This web page is a helpful gateway from where you can launch your own research in to finding a consultant that fits well with your organisation and your specific needs. We welcome your feedback, especially at the early stages of this new project.


(listed in no particular order)

Graham Hudson Headshot


Graham has been a member of the assessment community for over 35 years.  He has worked in General Qualifications and been a part of the educational reforms during this period.  He ran the marking of National Tests for QCA for England.  He went on to develop, with colleagues, one of the electronic marking systems now used both in the UK and globally.

He thrives on helping professional organisations, government ministries and development programmes get better outcomes from their examinations and assessments.  Delivering measurable improvements, working to immovable deadlines and supporting strategic change come with his years of practical experience.

He provides specialist skills and knowledge that combine successful implementation of large-scale systems with a practical understanding of the pressures that examination and assessment bodies face daily.  He specialises in helping organisations find the right systems for their needs, drawing upon experience of procurement and tendering at varying scales.

LinkedIn Profile

Areas of expertise:

  • e-Assessment Strategy
  • RFI, Tendering and Buying Support
  • Research and Validation
  • Process Improvement
  • Project Implementation
  • Change Management


Patrick has worked for e-assessment technology and e-learning providers since the late 90’s having worked in various sales and business development roles implementing large e-assessment programmes with a focus on leveraging strategic benefits of technology.

Patrick is now working as an independent consultant working in all aspects of e-assessment supporting UK & US companies with their international strategy and business development activities and providing consultancy to Governments with a focus on the Middle East and Africa.

LinkedIn Profile

Areas of expertise

  • International
  • Business Development
  • e-Assessment Strategy
  • Remote Proctoring
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Geoff helps exam owners with assessment solution choices, and eAssessment solution providers find new sectors, geographies and customers. His consultancy bridges and solves shared issues including:

Accessibility/ Business Transformation/ Commercialisation/ Cost  Reduction/ Enhancing Qualification Confidence/Insights to Future Learner Performance/ Integration/ Internationalisation/  Integrity/ Maladministration & Malpractice/ Scale

A pragmatic, objective, and trusted advisor, Geoff’s international experience spans:

Digital badging and credentialing/  E-portfolio/  E-testing/  End-point assessment/ Invigilation and test centres/  Learning management systems/On-screen marking/Qualification support systems/Remote proctoring/Script scanning/Test development     

Geoff is a published author on e-Assessment, co-founder of trade publication, World Exam Tech, and holds contemporary qualifications in assessment, education, IT service, project and bid management.

Formerly eAA Vice-Chair, Geoff shares his insights and approach with free resources at and on Twitter @chappersman

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Areas of expertise:

  • Management Consultancy
  • Strategy
  • Business Development
  • RFP management
  • Stakeholder Relationship Management
  • New Solution Development


With over 30 years’ experience within education as a teacher, working for edtech providers, exam awarding organisations, and as chair of the eAssessment Association, Matt has built-up significant understanding of the issues relating to the use of e-assessment within all sectors of education.

His business development consultancy work focuses on supporting successful and ambitious edtech companies looking to establish or expand their foot print within the UK education market.

He also supports exam awarding organisations and educational institutions looking to procure or further develop their use of e-assessment solutions.

Recent clients include:

  • City of Glasgow College (support for a Ufi funded digital credentialing project);
  • Innovate Awarding (procurement support);
  • NCFE (procurement support);
  • NEBOSH (procurement and deployment strategy support)
  • Qualfolio (Ufi funding proposal and market development strategy support);
  • RM Results (e-assessment product and market strategy development);
  • Sparx (product sales and marketing strategy support);
  • Vocational Training Charitable Trust (product and market strategy development).

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Areas of expertise

  • Key market growth strategy
  • Product development strategy
  • Sales and marketing development strategy
  • RFI/RFP/funding bid writing support
  • Procurement and product evaluation
  • Independent project evaluation