the e-Assessment Association

Extraordinary General Meeting 2024

Notice for eAA members:  Extraordinary General Meeting of the e-Assessment Association

At its meeting, held on Thursday 20th June 2024, the Board of Management of the eAA resolved, according to Article 5.2 of the Constitution, to call an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Meeting Details

  • Date: Wednesday 24th July 2024
  • Time: 1.00pm BST
  • Online Meeting Link: Registration details have been emailed to all registered members.

Reason for the Extraordinary General Meeting

The Board of Management has resolved to transition the governance structure of the e-Assessment Association from its present form of an unincorporated body into a Company Limited by Guarantee. The Board has taken legal advice on what constitutes the best governance structure for an organisation such as the e-Assessment Association since its inception and given its development in recent years. Operating the Association as an unincorporated body means that the Board members are currently jointly and severally liable for the debts of the organisation if there are insufficient assets to settle these. The Board of Management believe that it is in the best interests of the association and the Board members to address that so that the risk of personal liability to Board members is reduced, and particularly in view of their being volunteers. This should also encourage more members to seek appointment as any concerns about the risk of personal liability should be reduced.

An incorporated body like a company limited by guarantee also gives a clear, transparent and up to date structure through which to operate the association for the benefit of its members and the company’s accounts and returns will be filed at Companies House and on the public record.

It should be emphasised that this is a structural change and the Board of Management do not see it affecting the way in which the eAA operates in the future. The briefing note emailed to members explains the position of eAssessment Services Limited in the new structure.