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Digifest 2024

Realising ambitions and changing education and research for the better. Digifest 2024 will explore the future landscape of our sector.

How can we help our students to achieve their aspirations? What might our research community discover to benefit the world we live in? By anticipating the digital trends of tomorrow we can imagine the future today. Join us online or in person at the Birmingham ICC for Digifest 2024.

During Digifest 2024 we will explore:

  • Shaping the future landscape of education and research – how advances in digital, data and technology could transform education, research, and industry and how as individuals and communities we can effect positive change
  • Collaborating beyond boundaries – the future of education and research where technology breaks down geographical, cultural, and disciplinary boundaries
  • Better futures – bold ideas for education and research with social, environmental, sustainable, and ethical dimensions
  • The future of spaces and places – developing physical and virtual environments that enable education and research to transcend physical location (for example, XR, hybrid technologies, virtual environments) or reimagine the estate
  • Personalised, adaptive futures – harnessing the power of data and technology to empower all learners more effectively and at scale
  • Future educators, students and researchers – what the essential skills, capabilities and competencies will be for these roles in the future and how we can prepare ourselves now
  • Students as change agents for the future – their role in responding to the complex challenges faced by future generations (for example, student voice, student research, social impact initiatives and innovation)

More info and tickets here

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