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AlphaPlus would like to invite you to the first in a series of lunchtime seminars which will look at the challenges currently faced by professional bodies and how AlphaPlus can help support your organisation overcome these challenges based on their knowledge and experience of working within the sector.

Professional bodies are the guardians of the professional standards that represent technical and ethical competence for the profession you represent. You are dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and good practice in your profession for the benefit of professionals, employers, economy and society.Professional bodies face several critical challenges in ensuring the validity and reliability of your professional assessments. Ensuring valid assessment outcomes means you, professionals, employers and the wider public can be confident in the competency of your members. The challenges faced include:1. Establishing and sustaining a common and up-to-date view among key stakeholders (e.g. educators, qualified professionals and government) on what competency looks like. This includes:a. the range of skills, knowledge, behaviours and attitudes required for entry to the professionb. the minimum standard (or “Day 1 competence”) an individual must have to qualify2. Designing assessments to cover (1a) and administering them effectively and reliably (ensuring assessment security, providing equitable access to assessment etc.)3. Setting a pass standard which aligns with (1b) and is consistent from one assessment cycle to another.

During this seminar, AlphaPlus will outline their approach to the key stages of assessment:• Design• Development• Delivery• Quality, Evaluation & Monitoring
They will outline the types of services they can provide to assist you in each of these four areas; illustrated with examples of their experience of working with professional bodies.Following the seminar, AlphaPlus would be happy to arrange confidential conversations with any organisation to identify how AlphaPlus can support them with any challenges they may have in these key areas of assessment.

For more information and to register please click here.

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