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BETT UK: Generative AI in education

We’re delighted that eAA Vice Chair Paul Muir is taking part in the panel discussion, Generative AI in Education, discussing #ChatGPT and the impact generative AI is having in education.
This takes place at this year’s Bett show, Bett Global on 29th March 1400 in the Bett Futures Theatre.

In addition, we will be showcasing two 2022 International e-Assessment Award winners – Steve Dew, winner of the Best Practitioner Award and Nuture, winner of the Best Formative Project Award on Thursday 30th March in the Bett Academy Live theatre.

On Friday 31st March at 1145 in the BETT Futures theatre we will also be taking part in a panel discussion focusing on how educators and leaders within schools, colleges, universities and work-based learning can learn from each other to deliver more impactful technology-enabled assessments.

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