the e-Assessment Association

OEB. Presentation by eAA Chair, Graham Hudson

The 28th Annual Global, Cross-Sector Conference and Exhibition on Digital Learning and Training

“By bringing together participants from the higher education, workplace and government sectors since 1995 we have and we will be critically examining how technology opportunities and challenges are transforming the world of learning.

This vibrant and thought-provoking conference and exhibition with keynote plenaries from world-class speakers, debates, panel discussions, and endless networking opportunities will provide the perfect environment to stimulate, explore and inform working practices to create a better digital learning world.”

eAA Chair, Graham Hudson, Special Adviser, GA Partnership, will be presenting on Friday Nov 25.

Graham is joining Per Bergfors, Associate Professor, cphbusiness, Denmark; and Niels Høyer, Lecturer, UCL University College, Denmark on a panel discussing how 21st century skills can be part of a curriculum and even be taught in an online setting. How do you create a path of built-in personal development that can strengthen a student’s employability for the careers of the future?

The session is titled, “Embedding Soft Skills to Enhance Future Employability” and is moderated by Claudia Roeschmann, Associate Director for Design Innovation, Texas State University, United States of America.

Within this session, Graham Hudson will present on: A New Model for Critical Thinking – Addressing the Growing Global Skills Gap




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