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Is Higher Ed readying students for their career?

In this webinar hosted by PebblePad, an expert panel will discuss student views on this hot topic.

Based on a survey of 750 UK university students; PebblePad’s CEO Shane Sutherland will be leading panelists from some of the UK’s top universities in a discussion of the findings. Spoiler alert: 3 in 10 first-years are not confident they know what skills they’ll need. A thought-provoking webinar for anyone in higher ed.

With employability and career readiness initiatives maintaining their position close to the top of strategic priority lists in universities across the globe, we expect this webinar will be hugely popular with a wide range of higher education stakeholders. Here’s a sneak preview of some of the data we’ll be discussing on the day:

· 21% percent of undergraduate students who feel their university fails to support the development of workplace skills

· 82% percent of university students believe they need help in successfully compiling and showcasing evidence of their skills

We’ll be hosting the webinar at 3:00 pm on Thursday, March 3rd (GMT).

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