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DAY 1: APEAC 2021


APEAC is organised by the Principals Academy for school leaders, teachers, academics and researchers from all levels in Singapore and the region. The aim of APEAC is to raise the assessment competencies in our educators and school leaders so that quality teaching and learning can be achieved at every level.

Educational assessment topics have been specially chosen to broaden one’s view of education assessment as well as to explore current trends and global best practices in education assessment. Whether one is new to educational assessment or a seasoned expert, the participant will find ample opportunities to gather new knowledge and insights at APEAC.

Participants will also discover how renowned institutions and educators have implemented their own successful programmes and find out how to implement them at one’s institution. International speakers who are authorities in educational assessment have been invited to share their knowledge through a series of keynote and spotlight sessions. These include our own eAA board member Graham Hudson.  As an event both diverse and informative, APEAC will serve as an opportunity for educators to network with peers, connect with experienced practitioners and exchange ideas with professionals from around the world.

Because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it has been necessary this year to move to an online format for the conference, but we are confident that this will in no way detract from the depth or the relevance of what our distinguished speakers will have to offer.  In many ways it is better than ever.

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