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The future of exams (Part 2): Is it time for a new approach to assessment?

Are exams the best way to measure children’s abilities at GCSE & A-Level? Hear from Tim Oates CBE in this webinar for school leaders.

This free event is for secondary school leaders looking to:

  • Learn how teachers across the UK feel about current assessment models
  • Hear from expert speaker Tim Oates CBE on exam efficacy
  • Be inspired about what the future of assessment could look like

The COVID pandemic has put the issue of exams into sharp relief, sparking debate on whether our current GCSE and A-Level assessment models are fit for purpose.

Are exams the best way to measure children’s knowledge and abilities? Is it time we moved on from having hundreds of students in a single room to sit lengthy written papers? And if so, what are the alternatives?

In this webinar for senior school leaders, hosted by MyTutor, we’ll hear from guest speaker Tim Oates CBE (Group Director of Assessment Research & Development, Cambridge Assessment) as he shares his views on the shortcomings and advantages of the current model, bringing together insights from extensive evidence and research into exam efficacy.

We’ll also be sharing the results of a nationwide survey of over 4,000 secondary school teachers, conducted via Teacher Tapp, digging into their opinions on how exams currently work, whether they support reform, and how this varies by subject and seniority

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