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OEB 2020 Presentation: How to Resuscitate the GCSE – a Digital Badge Path

Presentation by Graham Hudson, eAA Secretary:

The summer of 2020 could be seen as a turning point in national assessments for Year 11 and Year 13 students in the UK.  For the first time, external national testing has been stopped and students awarded grades based upon a mix of previously completed work and teacher judgements.
Inevitable questions arise as a result of this exceptional set of circumstances:  how will the outcomes compare with previous years;  does this approach disadvantage whose who perform well in examinations;  how can consistency in judgements between schools be achieved;  what will happen in 2021;  does GCSE in its present form continue to have a place for Year 11 students?
The presentation will tackle this last question.  It puts forward ideas for change using digital badges to leverage existing technology and make the qualification more relevant for the future.

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