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The e-Assessment Question Virtual Conference: Week Two

Formative Assessment: 2 July 11:00am

The e-Assessment Question is a unique opportunity for the e-assessment sector to come together, network and share best practice.

Organised by the e-Assessment Association as a Virtual Conference in 2020, you will hear new stories, cutting‑edge innovations and the best case studies worldwide.

Today’s speakers are:

Dan Sandhu, CEO, Sparx
Andy Lewis, Field Research Manager, AlphaPlus Consultancy
Aftab Hussain, ILT Manager, Bolton College

Presentation Summaries

Dan Sandhu, CEO, Sparx

Dan Sandhu is presenting Show me the evidence: why it’s vital for the EdTech industry to avoid smoke and mirrors.

Andy Lewis, Field Research Manager, AlphaPlus Consultancy

Andy Lewis is presenting on Wales National Assessments.

Aftab Hussain, ILT Manager, Bolton College

Aftab Hussain will be presenting a case study looking at at how e-Assessment has been used to support teachers with the formative assessment process of open-ended questions.

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