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The e-Assessment Question Virtual Conference: Week Two

Summative Assessment: 1 July 2:00pm BST

The e-Assessment Question is a unique opportunity for the e-assessment sector to come together, network and share best practice.

Organised by the e-Assessment Association as a Virtual Conference in 2020, you will hear new stories, cutting‑edge innovations and the best case studies worldwide.

Today’s speakers are:

Andy Lester, Senior Manager Strategic Policy, Ofqual
Dr Peter Alston, Principal Lecturer in Learning and Teaching, BPP University
Sir John Dunford, Chair of the JCQ independent commission on exam malpractice

Presentation Summaries

Andy Lester, Senior Manager Strategic Policy, Ofqual

Andy Lester will outline how Ofqual, the qualifications regulator for England, is seeking to support good innovation in the qualifications market, including new uses for technologies in assessment.

Dr Peter Alston, Principal Lecturer in Learning and Teaching, BPP University

Dr Peter Alston is presenting ‘Are we all on the same page?’ The challenge of e-assessment terminology.

Sir John Dunford, Chair, JCQ Independent Commission on Exam Malpractice

Reducing malpractice in exams and assessments. This session will explore the ways in which e-assessment can be used to both reduce and prevent malpractice in academic and vocational awards including how technology could be used beneficially.

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