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How to Pivot your assessments to fit 2020 and beyond

TCS iON are delighted to invite you to attend a webinar on ‘How to pivot your assessments to fit 2020 and beyond’ scheduled on 22nd July 2020 at 2 PM BST.

As we prepare to embrace the new normal, organisations have started to pivot their assessment model to explore remote digital delivery solutions. Listen to our expert speakers and get insights into how leading organisations have embraced digital delivery in response to COVID-19 and what needs to be addressed in future. TCS iON will also present its approach to remote assessments and talk about experience gained from successful engagements on the same.

Very pleased to introduce our keynote speakers –

Graham Hudson
Partner – GA Partnership

Matt Wingfield
Chairman, The e-Assessment Association
Director, eAssessment Services Ltd.

Register for the live webinar here:

We look forward to your participation.


TCS iON Team,

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