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The e-Assessment Question Virtual Conference: Week Two

Assessment on a Global Scale: 30 June 11:00am

The e-Assessment Question is a unique opportunity for the e-assessment sector to come together, network and share best practice.

Organised by the e-Assessment Association as a Virtual Conference in 2020, you will hear new stories, cutting‑edge innovations and the best case studies worldwide.

Today’s speakers are:

Keynote: David Phillips, Managing Director, City & Guilds and ILM
Paul Crump, Assessment Group Manager, Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing
Paul Muir, Head of Computer Based Testing, British Council

Presentation Summaries

Keynote Speaker: David Phillips, Managing Director, City & Guilds and ILM

David Phillips will be presenting on the e-Assessment journey and where the Covid19 experience might take us all next.

Paul Crump, Assessment Group Manager, Cambridge English Language Assessment

Paul Crump is presenting on Remote proctoring: the future of invigilation for e-assessments?

Paul Muir, Head of Computer Based Testing, British Council

Paul Muir is presenting from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe: Taking computer based testing to the wider world.

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