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Improving the Reliability and Fairness of E-Assessments

Exploring research evidence on the efficacy of home administered e-Assessments, identifying ways to improve their reliability and fairness.

About this Event

Under the Covid-19 restrictions, schools, universities, and technical and vocational organisations are promoting home-based e-assessments as a technological way around the social distancing impasse. However, the home is not a perfect testing environment. In this webinar we will explore research evidence about the efficacy of home administered e-assessments and identify some ways to improve their reliability and fairness.

About the presenters:

Dr Bryan Maddox is Executive Director of Assessment Micro-Analytics and Associate Professor in Educational Assessment at the University of East Anglia.

He specialises in observational studies of response processes and interaction in testing situations. He has conducted assessment research in France, Mongolia, Nepal, Senegal, Slovenia, the United States and the UK. His edited book on ‘International Large-Scale Assessments in Education’ is published by Bloomsbury (2018).

Naomi Care is a researcher in inclusive assessment at Assessment Micro-Analytics based at the University of East Anglia.

Naomi combines an academic background in anthropology and psychology with rich professional experience in the field of inclusive education.  Previously she worked as an Education, Health and Care Plan Coordinator creating legally binding plans to ensure equity of education for students with complex needs. Naomi is currently training to become an Educational Psychologist.

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