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SEDA/SHED Spring Teaching, Learning and Assessment Conference 2020

This conference will focus on what a university education could/should achieve and what we need to do to confront and resolve these questions.
Thanks to the collaboration between SEDA and SHED (Scottish Higher Education Developers), this conference provides a unique opportunity to compare policies and practice across the UK and learn from others’ experience.
The conference will be useful for all staff involved in some level of academic development at higher education, whether as individual academic, course/programme leader, learning developer, learning technologist, library professional and/or member of an educational development unit or service.
Proposals are invited
Within the general theme and more specific issues identified above, we welcome proposals from HE (and HE in FE) which analyse/demonstrate/explain how we can best meet current and likely future challenges. Proposals should focus on innovation/developments and/or evaluation/research in one or more of the following areas:
  • Programme design
  • Module and learning design
  • Course/programme assessment and feedback strategies/initiatives
  • Professional development for staff
  • Learning and mobile technologies
  • Digital capability and institutional support
  • Curriculum leadership and staff roles
  • Initiatives relating to student and staff ‘wellbeing’
  • Effective pedagogy/support for students with Specific Learning Difficulties
  • Apprenticeships
  • Development of students’ critical abilities and capacities
  • Changing student perceptions about the nature and value of university education
  • Transnational/online education
  • Learning analytics
  • Staff/student partnerships
  • Widening participation
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Radisson Blu, Glasgow, United Kingdom