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The 45th International Association for Educational Assessment Annual Conference (IAEA)

The 2019 theme is Assessment and Decision-Making: Individual and Institutional solutions.        

“The use of assessment data for decision-making has been one of the questions of validity debate in the area and providing a platform for presenting solutions on either an individual learner level or organizational scope is our motivation and contribution for the improved assessment practices.

Within the above-mentioned framework the Conference participants will make presentations on the following topics:

  • Use of assessment in decision-making
  • Reliability and validity of assessments in decision-making
  • Assessment techniques for better decision-making practices
  • Assessment as an institutional reforming tool in education and civil service
  • Opportunities and challenges in admission testing and recruitment policies of public and private sector
  • The Application of Competency Model in Human Resource Management
  • Creating value-added measures for better predictions
  • The future of assessment instruments in university admissions and civil service selection
  • Assessment as an innovation tool in the education system and good governance
  • Assessment data and decision making responsibility
  • E-assessments and technology-advanced platforms
  • Operational/operations research themes in educational and workforce assessments

This conference will provide an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to share their understandings of current processes and findings, as well as to look at possibilities for setting-up new trends in assessment and decision-making.   “

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Baku, Azerbaijan