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2nd TeSLA International Event (BCN): When reliable e-assessment becomes true

The goal of this event is to present and share with HE institutions, quality experts and practitioners as well researchers, the main results obtained in TeSLA project. After three years developing and testing TeSLA system across four real pilots with students and teachers we aim to share with you how TeSLA system works, which are the perceptions of teachers and students when using TeSLA system but also the legal and quality measures adopted in the project. After a plenary session and summarising mian results of the project, two workshops will be handle: test TeSLA and quality assurance.

To read more about the event and the TeSLA project, please go directly to the event website:


ProctorExam (sponsors of the eAA) are partners in this project, and in turn, their partner, ProtOS, will be present at this event and will be available for your questions and requests.

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