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Webinar: Mindful assessment design (HEA)

Presenter: Dr Samuel Elkington (Higher Education Academy, UK)

This session explores the concept of mindful learning as it applies to assessment design. We will cover the current thinking and evidence for promoting self-regulatory practices to reframe student-centred assessment as a primary vehicle for authentically personalised learning. This includes student sensitivity to context and new perspectives, intentionality of attention, managing personal responses to feedback, and resilience. The session concludes with some practical examples of mindful assessment design in higher education.

Sessions are hosted by Professor Geoffrey Crisp, PVC Education, University New South Wales and Dr Mathew Hillier, Monash Education Academy, Monash University, Australia.

This free webinar is part of the monthly webinar series organised by Transforming Assessment. You must pre-register at their website (click here).

 7 November 2018 07:00 AM   through   08:00 AM Coordinated Universal Time (UTC / GMT) : See your equivalent local time

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