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Transforming Exams - e-Exams Symposium

Transforming Exams is an Australian Government funded research project looking at approaches to conducting authentic digital assessment in the exam rooms of Australian universities via the use of Bring-your-own laptops. The project involves 10 Australian university partners and is lead out of Monash University. See for project information.

“Teaching and learning leaders, educators, researchers as well as education and technology support personnel to attend.

The e-Exams Symposium will include coverage of the business case for authentic e-exams, the pedagogy of e-exams, the student experience, the technology and logistics of e-exams. A series of sessions will showcase challenges, lessons learnt, implications and insights from project member institutions. Lessons from more than twenty e-exams trials conducted under differing contexts across multiple Australian institutions will be discussed.

The e-Exams Symposium is hosted by the ‘Transforming Exams Across Australia’ project led by Dr Mathew Hillier, Monash University, in partnership with 10 Australian universities. The project team have been working towards enabling rich, authentic assessment in the exam room via the use software e-tools of the trade and e-workflows to scale the innovation.

Professor Geoffrey Crisp (PVC Education, UNSW, Australia) will chair the proceedings. Geoff is an ALTC National Teaching Fellow, HERDSA Fellow, Principal Fellow HEA and known for his work on authnetic e-essessment.

We have secured two international guest keynote speakers:
1) Head of e-Learning Service at Alpen-Adria University, Klagenfurt, Austria, a university with 40% uptake of e-exams.
2) Senior specialist in e-exams at the national Matriculation Examinations Board of Finland speaking about the roll out of their national e-exams project.

The e-Exams project team would like to invite everyone with an interest in the transformation of examinations towards meeting the employability needs of 21st century learners and society. Both domestic and international visitors are welcome to attend.

Contributors are also welcome to join our technology development effort as we take e-exams to the next level: from paper-equivalent e-exams to post-paper exams embedded with rich, authentic, digitally enabled and online assessment modes. Project information

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