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Transforming Feedback (AHE 2018 Panel Review)

Panel Chair – Prof Sally Jordan (Open University, UK)

This is a joint webinar from the Assessment in Higher Education conference secretariat and Transforming Assessment.

This 1 hour session will feature selected speakers from the Assessment in Higher Education conference (Thursday 28 June 2018 Manchester, UK).

This webinar session will take the form of a panel style review of some of the key messages from selected papers presented at the AHE2018 conference. Each panel member will contribute to the discussion with a short overview of their presentation from the conference followed by questions and discussion between the panel and the webinar participants.

Panel Presenters:

  1. Theresa Nicholson, Manchester Metropolitan University “Frequent rapid feedback, feed-forward, and peer learning, for enhancing student engagement in online portfolio assessment”
  2. Stephen Dixon, Newman University “Hearing voices: First year undergraduate experience of audio feedback”
  3. Naomi Winstone and Emma Medland, University of Surrey (Naomi to talk) “Feedback footprints: Using learning analytics to support student engagement with, and learning from, feedback”.

To register for this session please login (or create an account) on the Transforming Assessment website 


Time of webinar: 8:00am – 09:00am BST

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