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The Fourteenth EATEL Summer School on Technology Enhanced Learning 2018


Launched in 2005, as the Joint Summer School on Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), the event brings together each year 80 to 100 researchers, including about 50 PhD candidates. The JTEL summer school provides a stimulating learning environment where participants get opportunities to: develop research skills, increase their knowledge base, collaborate with others in their own and complementary research areas, engage in debate, have access to experts in the field, and discuss their own work.

Program and topics

The program of the summer school covers topics from a broad range of domains which contribute to advancing the field of TEL. Instructors are encouraged to provide doctoral candidates with a perspective of the state-of-the-art research under study in their working groups. The programme also includes practical and methodological workshops as well as opportunities for PhD students to develop their personal research, discuss their doctoral work and build bridges for future collaborations experts in the field and peers across Europe. The summer school is open for PhD students and instructors from all countries.


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Durrës, Albania