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Next steps for England’s examination system - priorities for the regulator and key issues for e-assessment and marking

This seminar will discuss the next steps for England’s examination system, it’s performance, and future key priorities for Ofqual.

Our Chairman, Matt Wingfield has been invited to add his experience to the proceedings, looking specifically at: The impact of technology on assessment and exams
Stakeholders, policymakers and regulators will also assess the developing role of technology in assessment and exams – looking at its potential impact on examiner and teacher workloads, measures that can be taken to ensure its effectiveness in delivery, and how it might need to evolve. Attendees will also have the chance to attend a further session focusing on exam marking, following Ofqual’s announcements of changes to come in the moderation of GCSEs, A-Levels and AS Levels to meet the skills needed for the future workforce.

For more information, please click here to go to the event website.

RM Results is the principal sponsor of this WEF event

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Central London, UK