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researchED Amsterdam 2018

This event contains an amazing array of speakers and their website is not incorrect to state: “researchED is back in Amsterdam for what promises to be an informative and evocative day. Like last year, it’s going to be difficult to choose which speaker to visit.”

English speakers signed up so far include:

Eva Hartell, PhD, Senior Lecturer and researcher, Haninge municipality and KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Pedro De Bruyckere, PhD Educational scientist, teacher & researcher

Oliver Caviglioli, Ex-special school head. Visualiser of teaching concepts and processes. HOW2s creator. Napkin sketch and sketchnote enthusiast.

Christian Bokhove, University of Southampton

Rebecca Allen, Professor of Education, UCL Institute of Education

Robin de Lange, PhD, founder of Virtual Reality Learning Lab

Lianne Hoogeveen, ECHA- Specialist in Gifted Education

Dr. Monique (H.R.M.A.) van der HeijdenHogeschool de Kempel

Tom Bennett, researchED founder

Wilma Kippers, University of Twente & Christel Wolterinck, researcher

Kim Schildkamp, University of Twente

Frank LeonéRadboud University Nijmegen

Hannah Bijlsma, University of Twente

Hartger WassinkNIVOZ

Adrie Visscher, University of Twente and University of Groningen

Pedro De Bruyckere, researcher

Jan Tishauser, researcher and trainer

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