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Cambridge Assessment Network's autumn seminar

Lucy Crehan, education explorer, international education consultant and author of ‘Cleverlands: the secrets behind the success of the world’s education superpowers’.

Lucy travelled to six countries on four continents, working in schools and living with teachers to find out the answers to three questions: How do these countries achieve their high scores? What can others learn from them? And what is the price of this success?

Linking her experiences to key strands in educational theory and research, Lucy provides deep insights into both the culture and practices in a range of key jurisdictions and illuminating major educational discussions of curriculum and assessment.

From the nature of questions in Shanghai classrooms, to learning identities in North America, Lucy’s observations are not only fascinating in their own right; they stimulate immediate scrutiny of the assumptions which we make about formative and summative assessment.

We hope you’ll join us in October for what promises to be an illuminating opportunity to hear from Lucy about the key findings from her travels. Tim Oates CBE, Group Director of Assessment Research and Development will chairing a Q&A after the seminar.

If you’d like to attend, please book early to avoid disappointment. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Cambridge Assessment Network.

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Downing College, Cambridge, England, UK