the e-Assessment Association

E-ATP 2017

Advancing Human Capital with Assessments

“Globalisation, the digital age, and cognitive computing are reshaping and redefining the skills needed to succeed. Testing plays a fundamental role in identifying knowledge gaps and answering critical questions, but imagine how much more we could learn if we challenged the traditional, well-known, and accepted notions about testing. This year’s E-ATP conference will highlight key innovations and advances in assessment design, development, and delivery that will lead to future advancements in the testing industry. Join us in The Netherlands as we discuss this and many other related topics.”

Conference topics will include:

  • Emerging Technologies: Gamification, Wearables, and Neuro-Assessments
  • Test Security and Integrity
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Cognitive Computing
  • Badging and the Digitization of Credentials
  • Micro-credentialing

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Noordwijk, The Netherlands