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Recognising and presenting student learning in the 21st century: a work in progress

The fourth Annual National Seminar on implementing the Higher Education Achievement Report and related work.

“Pilot work on the HEAR was initiated in 2008.  In the UK – and across the world – it is increasingly recognised that:

  • the learning and achievement of our students is not limited to their academic studies;
  • institutions need to make decisions about the extent to which they wish to recognise and value such ‘lifewide learning’ and achievements as part of the statements they make about the achievements of their graduates;
  • the formative use of ‘richer records’ of student achievements can support processes of reviewing and planning, and help students set targets and take increasing responsibility for their own development;
  • students may need support in making use of such records with third parties such as potential employers;
  • in a online world the digital presentation of such records, and the supporting evidence for these, will be increasingly important.”


The 2017 annual seminar will seek to locate HEAR implementation within the contexts of best practice and emerging policy drivers.  Key Seminar themes will include:

  • Connecting the HEAR to other initiatives (‘making the case’ for why and how the HEAR matters now).
  • Showcasing emerging and interesting practice.
  • Going Forward: key issues for implementation now.

Further details and booking forms to follow. 

  • Respond to our invitation to present your emerging and interesting practice by emailing Rob Ward at CRA: [email protected], and reserve a place at the event at a discounted rate in return.
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