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The TEF and Us Webinar


Led by Ian Welch, Assistant Director, QAA.  Ian is currently working in liaison with HEFCE in development and delivery of year two of the TEF, including:

  • The development of TEF year two alongside core team.
  • Briefing internal audience and external audience – providers and stakeholders
  • Training – TEF officer colleagues, Assessors and Panel members

The Webinar will seek to enable participants to understand how personal tutoring and academic advising – an area of key concern to the CRA community – can impact on TEF.  It will explore this relationship and draw on the outcomes of previous QAA reviews to look at how good practice in the field of personal tutoring and academic advising can impact on the core metrics which are a principal source of information for a TEF award.

Go to The Centre for Recording Achievement website here to book a place or find out more information.

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