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Meaningfully Embedding Program (Degree) Learning Goals in course work: Review at UNSW Business School

Transforming Assessment

Presenter: Danny Carroll (University of New South Wales, Australia)

The accreditation of degree programs by professional bodies and quality agencies requires evidence of student learning and assessment outcomes against program goals. This evidence is often hidden in disconnected educational processes and so is often complex and time consuming to compile. Further this leads to disorientation on the part of students who can struggle to make sense of the connections between learning activities, assessment and desirable learning outcomes.
The session explores the experience of the University of New South Wales Business school, in seeking to satisfy the accreditation requirements of AACSB and EQUIS sought to trial the Review assessment tool. The trial of ‘Review’ started in four courses in 2011 and has since grown organically to being used in 160 courses per semester in three faculties. It was found that the the use of Review improved learning, teaching and assessment administration and reporting outcomes. The tool visually embeds program goals in course based assessment for the practical reference of students and staff. This session will also describe why Review can be characterised as a ‘future oriented’ assessment system.

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