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10th Edinburgh e-Assessment Conference

Assessment TomorrowWorking with SQA and looking at the practical issues of selecting, implementing and using e-Assessment and related technologies and techniques.

Scotland has been at the forefront of developing and implementing learning that is assessed using the latest IT and ICT techniques and technologies. The conference speakers will, through a range of presentations and case studies, look at opportunities for digitising the assessment process new approaches to assessment and how technology can be used to help design more effective and reliable assessment.

The conference speakers will also use their experience to highlight what they see as the opportunities, looking at recent innovations and approaches in the use of technology and how these are now being adopted and developed by providers and by organisations such as SQA.

Come along and help us examine some of these changes and the impact they are having on both formative and summative assessment.

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Grovesnor Hilton, Edinburgh EH12 5EF