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International Military Testing Association - 2015 Conference

Psychological selection, leadership and security in a high-risk military context: Theory and practice

The 57th Conference of the International Military Testing Association will be hosted by the Swedish Defence University, the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Defence Recruitment Agency on 21 – 25 September 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Military activities have become more complex, which is reflected in texts and doctrines on comprehensive approach, hybrid warfare and complex operations. At the same time, global academic demands are raised, calling for high-quality publications in peer-reviewed journals. Combined, this means tough challenges for military psychology. On the one hand, new knowledge and practical methods need to be developed rapidly to keep up with the altered military demands. On the other hand, great effort must be put on scientific rigour, a tough and often time consuming process. Military psychology simply needs to master both arenas, and more so now than in days gone by. Therefore, we argue that the subtitle theory and practice is most relevant.

The IMTA conference is one of the most important events for discussing, promoting and exchanging research and practices within the field of military psychology. This conference will provide a unique and excellent occasion to present and discuss both research-based and practical topics related to psychological selection, leadership and security in a high-risk military context.

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Hotel Scandic Star Sollentuna, Aniaraplatsen 8, 191 21 Sollentuna, Stockholm, Sweden.