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Managing Assessment and Learning in the 21st Century

Edinburgh 2015 Conference

Forms of e-Assessment, the use of ICT to assess skills, knowledge and understanding is now extensively and readily available in formative and summative assessment, in the classroom and the workplace.

Scotland has been very much at the forefront of that movement

However much still needs to be done to turn it into an everyday tool for teachers, administrators, trainers and assessors.

This, the ninth Assessment Tomorrow conference in Scotland, with its theme  of ‘managing assessment and learning in the 21st century’’ looks at how we can turn practically  to the latest tools and technology to maximise the benefits of IT for learning and assessment in order to reduce costs, maintain or increase quality, and facilitate value in return for investment.

The conference looks at  what we need to do to manage assessments, learning and qualifications to deliver clear, measurable and transparent benefits for the learner, the teacher, the parent or the school, college or training provider.

It will also focuses on good practice in the use of these new tools, techniques and technologies and recent innovations.

Given the pressures on education and training in the current financial and fiscal environment the conference takes this requirement as it’s centre of attention and looks at how we can maximise the benefits and minimise the cost and impact of the technology.

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