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Assessment Data 2014

Performance Data and Student Attainment

In secondary schools and colleges today the need to balance a proactive analysis of performance data with the right educational, scholastic and pedagogic tools has never been more important, and in many ways more challenging.

There is  an opportunity, and an obligation,  to use the latest tools, techniques, and most importantly technologies, to manage performance, assessment and qualification data, in order to  provide a mechanism for

  • reviewing and developing teaching strategies,
  • raising learning and teaching standards and
  • enhancing  the quality of teaching,

The question is how to achieve those objectives in an effective, efficient and transparent way. In any school there are many sources of data about a student or a cohort of students. The 10 key questions are

  • why do schools and colleges need databases of performance data?
  • which of the many available data sources should be used?
  • how should that data be organised including student identification and mapping of qualification structures?
  • what considerations need to be made when processing and organising the data
  • how do these requirements relate to qualifications and exam. planning and management in the school?
  • who in the school is best placed to analyse and interpret that data?
  • when does it need to be presented to stakeholders and what are the implications for changing mechanisms of data interchange?
  • how do we benchmark school improvement for current and future achievement
  • which of the new tools and techniques is best suited to your requirements?
  • what are the implications of transparency on the management of teaching?

It is these questions that the one day conference on the 4th December in London will attempt to address. We will bring together an knowledgeable panel of practitioners and professionals with experience and expertise in identifying, using, and presenting student performance data.

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