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The 56th IMTA Conference

The Military Psychological Service of the Bundeswehr (German Federal Armed Forces) will host the 56th Conference of the International Military Testing Association on 27-30 October 2014 in Hamburg (Germany). The conference will be organized by the German Armed Forces Office (Streitkräfteamt) in cooperation with the Helmut-Schmidt University, Hamburg (University of the Federal Armed Forces).

Besides mental health, the dimension of Psychological Fitness is becoming more and more important in current military operations. The complex interaction of psychological, social, behavioral, spiritual and mental factors has lead to a rethinking in military psychology and initiated multidisciplinary research. The conference aims to broaden the knowledge on specific approaches in testing, training, improving and maintaining psychological fitness in military groups.

The annual IMTA conference is one of the most important events for the promotion and exchange of innovative research and good practices not only in testing but in all aspects of military psychology. This conference will provide a unique and excellent occasion for experts of both the military and the civilian sector to discuss current aspects related to Psychological Fitness. We would be delighted to have you and your service members present at this conference.

Hamburg, a modern city with a fantastic combination of culture, history and style, will offer a perfect atmosphere for networking with international leading scientific experts, practioners, military leaders and emerging scholars in the area of military psychology. Top-class keynote speakers will attend the opening ceremony, which will be the opening the gate for a challenging scientific program and social events with sightseeing tours and different festivities, to give you the opportunities to get into contact with participants from countries all over the military scientific community.

Here are a few elements that can help you prepare your trip to Hamburg. More details will be posted soon:

  • The conference venue will be the NH Hamburg Horn Hotel;

Registration fees:

  • ‘Early bird’ (before 26 September 2014): 395 Euro;
  • Normal fee (before 26 October 2014): 450 Euro;
  • Late fee (after 26 October 2014): 495 Euro;
  • A student fee will be available: 295 Euro

There will be one or more optional tour(s) on Friday October 31st;

Download a schedule here.

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