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E-ATP Conference 2014

Join Us for E-ATP 2014

Are you gaining advantage through assessment?

The 2014 conference, Growing Talent in Europe – Gaining Advantage through Assessment, will bring together assessment experts with representatives from European businesses, institutions and government who are looking for ways in which they can meet their education, recruitment and workforce skills needs, with secure, valid and fair assessment solutions.

The conference programme will have a special emphasis on Employee Mobility in Europe. It has been designed to highlight how assessment is being successfully used to help with education, employability and professional development testing, as well as finding assessment solutions to fulfil language testing, qualification mapping, citizenship testing and vocational skills requirements. This special focus will directly address the challenges that we face today.

Join us to hear from the leaders within the testing and assessment industry, learn from your peers, share experiences and get connected.

The E-ATP Conference will cover four strategic themes:

  1. Innovations in Assessment: Provides interactive opportunities to share a new application, technology or test/assessment design, that addresses a particular client or market issue.
  2. Operational Best Practices: Encourages sharing of best practices through case studies in which the value of professional standards have been demonstrated.
  3. Meeting the Challenges of Testing in Europe: Illustrates through case studies how cultural, language, national and regulatory challenges have been overcome through the implementation of effective assessment programmes.
  4. The People Behind the Assessments: Highlights the work of organisations within Europe and beyond who have harnessed the assessment technology and science to support talent through educational, professional, vocational and selection programmes.

The programme will consist of:

  • A diverse choice of informative breakout sessions, product demonstrations and ignite sessions;
  • Distinguished industry keynote speakers with cutting-edge presentations;
  • A choice of networking activities, designed to connect you with your colleagues to learn, meet and grow; and
  • Sponsor exhibits, showcasing leading testing and assessment tools, technologies and services.

Registrations is now open…book on here!

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