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Interview with Dr Graham Orpwood, winner of the 2022 Lifetime Contribution Award

October 26th 2022

Recorded for the e-Assessment Association's AGM, Dr Graham Orpwood, winner of the e-Assessment Association’s Lifetime Contribution Award 2022 is in conversation with Pilar Cloud, a member of the eAA.

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TestReach Webinar: The Future of the Exam Candidate Experience: How Leading Awarding Bodies are Driving Change

October 11th 2022

The world of assessment has been through seismic change as a result of the pandemic. This webinar assesses the impact this has had on the expectations of exam candidates and understands what awarding bodies can do to deliver a quality assessment experience now and into the future. This 40 minute webinar brought together a panel of assessment experts to discuss factors impacting the exam experience, to explore what awarding bodies...

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Transforming Assessment Webinar: Selected Showcase of e-Assessment Award Winners

July 8th 2022

Every year, the e-Assessment Association partners with the Australian organization, Transforming Assessment, to bring together a showcase of selected winners of the annual international e-Assessment Awards. Transforming Assessment: Rethinking assessment in a participatory digital world - Sharing innovative assessment in Higher Education. Transforming Assessment is an ASCILITE SIG Transforming Assessment is all about exploring assessment in higher education with a particular focus on use of technology to enhance the assessment of student...

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2022 e-Assessment Conference Keynote: Fairness in e-Assessment

June 30th 2022

Keynote presentation: Fairness in E-assessment E-assessment presents challenges and possibility for advancement in e-assessment – the use of technology raises comparability and ethics issues. Assessment at home raises authenticity, security and access to technology, privacy – this presentation will look in-depth at how to tackle these issues and take advantage of e-assessment opportunities. Speaker: Isabel Nisbet, Author, Is Assessment Fair? University of Cambridge

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On-Demand Webinar: Online Proctoring: How to Assess, Certify and Upskill Learners Globally

March 1st 2022

In this on-demand webinar, Rajeev Menon (Talview Strategic Advisor and eAA Board Member) interviewed the team from Cambridge Linguaskill on how they rolled out their online English language assessment worldwide with remote proctoring. Key takeaways from the webinar: · The top 3 considerations for scaling up your certifications safely and confidently while providing top-notch candidate experience · How to successfully implement a proctoring solution to accelerate your digital transformation ·...

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The 2021 eAA Wrap Up with Dr. Ellie Dommett & Matt Wingfield

December 7th 2021

During this end-of-year wrap up, we'll hear from Dr. Ellie Dommett as she explores connections between cognitive enhancing drugs and the increasing use of online assessment. Joining Dr. Ellie Dommett for this fascinating topic will be eAA CEO, Matt Wingfield, who will follow with a look back at 2021, and announce some exciting eAA events news for 2022.

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