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Rethinking Test Security: Unleash the Power of LOFT 3.0

March 24th 2023

LOFT 3.0 has the potential to revolutionise testing and deliver the promise of secure, balanced, remote assessments.

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Online Proctoring Webinar

March 8th 2023

This was the first of a series of activities organised by the eAA's Online Proctoring SIG to create dialogue on all things related to online proctoring. Whether its using live proctors, asynchronous record and review or AI-based proctoring, online proctoring has become an increasing topical subject for many in the assessment sector. This seminar explored the use of online proctoring in a range of contexts focusing discussions through three sessions: 1....

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eAA 2022 end of Year Wrap up with Guest Speaker Professor Dr Ger Graus OBE

December 16th 2022

The eAA's 2022 end of year wrap up. eAA CEO Matt Wingfield is joined by Professor Dr Ger Graus OBE, in a fascinating discussion on the topic of Edtech through a different lens - views with the benefit of hindsight. Dr Graus touches on developments in the EdTech world, including hybrid and immerse learning, assessment 2030, how we can get to know our children better through measuring what we value, and wonders what it means for us all. He also asks “What’s new?” We also announce the winner of the 2022 People's Choice Award and look back at 2022 as well as sharing some of the eAA's plans for 2023.

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Surpass Webinar: Save time and improve your candidates’ exam booking experience with Scheduler

November 8th 2022

In this webinar, discover how prominent legal organisation the Bar Standards Board (BSB) have used the new Scheduler booking system to save time and improve their candidates’ exam booking experience. In addition, the webinar covered: how the new system is optimised for Surpass test centres and remote invigilation services how Scheduler's easy and intuitive process lets candidates book tests within Surpass based on exam times, test centre location or online...

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Interview with Dr Graham Orpwood, winner of the 2022 Lifetime Contribution Award

October 26th 2022

Recorded for the e-Assessment Association's AGM, Dr Graham Orpwood, winner of the e-Assessment Association’s Lifetime Contribution Award 2022 is in conversation with Pilar Cloud, a member of the eAA.

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TestReach Webinar: The Future of the Exam Candidate Experience: How Leading Awarding Bodies are Driving Change

October 11th 2022

The world of assessment has been through seismic change as a result of the pandemic. This webinar assesses the impact this has had on the expectations of exam candidates and understands what awarding bodies can do to deliver a quality assessment experience now and into the future. This 40 minute webinar brought together a panel of assessment experts to discuss factors impacting the exam experience, to explore what awarding bodies...

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