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WATCH AGAIN: International eAssessment Awards: Selected Winners Showcase

July 11th 2024

This  joint webinar with Transforming Assessment  was hosted on 10th July  This webinar showcased selected winners from this year's International eAssessment Awards. The two winners of the 'best formative' and 'best summative' project awards presented and took questions from the audience: 1) Best Summative Assessment Project sponsored by City & Guilds:  Winner: The British Council with British Council Primary English Test. 2) Best Formative Assessment Project: Winner: BCS, The Chartered...

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[On-demand webinar] How to unlock the full potential of AI-assisted assessment authoring

March 21st 2024

AI-assisted authoring is changing the game for assessment authors—but how do you unlock its full potential? Join Learnosity CEO & Co-Founder Gavin Cooney and CPO Neil McGough for this on-demand webinar which: 💡Reveals tips and tricks on how to maximize the power of AI-assisted authoring 🔮 Offers a glimpse of upcoming AI-enriched assessment experiences from Learnosity 🙋Answers frequently asked questions about AI in assessment Watch the webinar now 👇

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Video: Reimagining Assessment- the future of measuring student achievement

February 20th 2024

Watch this fascinating panel session, recorded at Bett London where eAA Board Member Matt Wingfield discusses the future of measuring student achievement with Amy Hollier from Kings College London, and Rob Wraith from NCG  

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eAA Consultants Webinar: Maximise your chances of success when entering the 2024 International e-Assessment Awards

February 5th 2024

Four experts give their advice on maxmising your chances of success when entering the 2024 International e-Assessment Awards

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Securing the Future of Digital Assessments: AI’s Role in Integrity

January 23rd 2024

How are we using AI to create better journeys to qualification? RM Assessment and Talview joined forces in December to run a webinar on how AI is being used to minimise the mundane in assessment administration, whilst improving the experience for candidates. Listen to the recording to hear experts Ian Castledine, RM Assessment, and Harjoth Singh,Talview, as they discuss actionable strategies to futureproof assessment programs and highlight ways that AI can be leveraged to avoid instances of malpractice.

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Changing Landscapes in Assessments and the Evolution of Education

January 19th 2024

© 2023 Prometric. All rights reserved. College enrollment rates have dropped over 10% in the last decade, drastically influencing the desire to leverage certifications and licensure options to lock in high-value careers. Now more than ever, it’s important to continue to build trust in your assessment program, especially with the rise of AI technology being utilized in our industry.

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