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[Video] How AI-assisted authoring transforms the creation of assessments

January 18th 2024

Introducing Author Aide—the ultimate productivity multiplier for assessment authors. Powered by GPT-4, this AI-assisted content creation tool enables authors to: ️ ⚡️ Increase output by as much as 10x 📚 Generate consistently high-quality item banks in any subject, at any level 🌎 Translate questions rapidly into multiple languages 🎯 Align content with specific curricula, syllabuses, or standards Watch the short explainer video to see how AI-assisted authoring transforms the creation of assessments.

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[Video] Build vs buy: a fireside chat with CEOs Edson Barton and Gavin Cooney

May 19th 2023

“When you're making this decision, the buy versus build decision, that north star becomes critical to everything...” See YouScience CEO Edson Barton have an in-depth chat with Learnosity CEO Gavin Cooney about the classic build versus buy dilemma—and learn how edtech companies can make that decision with confidence.

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On-Demand Webinar: Online Proctoring: How to Assess, Certify and Upskill Learners Globally

March 1st 2022

In this on-demand webinar, Rajeev Menon (Talview Strategic Advisor and eAA Board Member) interviewed the team from Cambridge Linguaskill on how they rolled out their online English language assessment worldwide with remote proctoring. Key takeaways from the webinar: · The top 3 considerations for scaling up your certifications safely and confidently while providing top-notch candidate experience · How to successfully implement a proctoring solution to accelerate your digital transformation ·...

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Webinar: marginal becomes mainstream – how assessments are embracing technology in 2020 and beyond

March 16th 2021

On 3 February, the UK India Business Council (ukibc) conducted a webinar titled ‘marginal becomes mainstream – how assessments are embracing technology in 2021 and beyond’. UKIBC Associate Director Tara Panjwani moderated the session led by Graham Hudson, eAA Board member and Special Adviser to Assessment Professionals Internationally – a long-standing member of the educational assessment community – and Nikhil Sharma, eAA Board Member and Business Development Manager, TCS iON...

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The role of technology in modernernising school based assessment to help young people to succeed

March 5th 2021

e-AA Chairman, Matt Wingfield gives a short presentation on the role technology can play in ensuring that a modern approach to school based assessment helps young people to succeed post-18.

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Rethink your assessment practices

March 2nd 2021

The coping strategies that institutions have adopted to manage exams during the coronavirus are many. Cancelling and rescheduling exams, redesigning assessments and introducing alternative methods, such as online or home-based testing are some of the approaches. With the pandemic still raging it has become more important than ever to consider how to create better exams while maintaining assessment integrity. At a live online event on 24th February 2021, we asked...

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