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New eAA podcast: the impact of Covid-19

May 28th 2020

The latest podcast in our series 'Assessment and Covid-19'  brings together guests from the e-Assessment Association Community to discuss the impact of COVID-19. eAA board member, Gareth Hopkins from City & Guilds, talks to Shane Sutherland of Pebblepad, Richard Little of RM Results, and Paddy Craven of City & Guilds about the impact of COVID-19. Topics include Will our tolerances to other non-traditional assessments change? Will the momentum of change...

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New podcast series from the eAA: Assessment and Covid-19

May 18th 2020

Episode 1, The Tipping Seesaw. Insights from the e-Assessment Association Community In the first episode of a new podcast series by the eAA we welcome guests from the e-Assessment Association Community and discuss the impact of COVID-19. eAA board member, Gareth Hopkins from City & Guilds, talks to Nikhil Sharma of TCS iON, and John Winkley and Gavin Busuttil-Reynaud from AlphaPlus Consultancy about the impact of COVID-19. With perspectives from...

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#eAssess20 Insights – Natural Language Classification for Formative Assessment with Aftab Hussain

February 27th 2020

Aftab Hussain, ILT Manager, Bolton College is interviewed by e-Assessment Association Vice Chair Tim Burnett about Aftab's upcoming presentation at the e-Assessment Question Conference. Aftab discusses how Bolton College is using natural language classification models to support formative assessment and discusses: What is Natural Language Classification? How teachers train their natural language classifiers. The use cases for deploying natural language classifiers to inform learning and assessment. How delegates can support...

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From Australia to Europe, and back again – A global take on e-Assessment

February 4th 2020

e-Assessment Association Vice-Chair Tim Burnett talks to Peter Westcott, an educational consultant from Melbourne, Australia. Peter talks with Tim about his journey around Europe and his experience with assessment in Australia. Peter started his journey in Seville at the iCERi Conference, presenting a paper on a facial recognition tool to measure student engagement. Peter then visited Belgium, Denmark and London looking at a range of exciting educational assessment projects that...

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Looking back and looking forward, the e-Assessment Question and technology in testing with Jeff Ross and Martyn Roads

November 19th 2019

In this episode, Tim Burnett (Vice Chair of the e-Assessment Association) interviews e-Assessment Question conference founders Jeff Ross and Martyn Roads about their development of the conference, as well as their views on the challenges facing digital assessment and the future of the field. Tim, Jeff and Martyn discuss topics including: the genesis of the idea for the eAQ conference; the different trends in e-Assessment uptake in various sectors including schools, higher education, vocational and professional testing how...

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NEW eAA Podcast: What’s beyond multiple-choice? Brian Moon talks about the 2019 Beyond Multiple-Choice conference

November 1st 2019

In the third podcast in our new series, Guest Brian Moon and e-Assessment Association host Tim Burnett talk about the Beyond Multiple-Choice conference and finding the sweet spot of test innovation.

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