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New Guidelines for Technology-Based Assessment

April 24th 2023

Last November, the ITC (International Test Commission) and the ATP (Association of Test Publishers) issued a comprehensive set of technology-based assessment guidelines. The guidelines are a result of a multi-year collaboration with over 100 authors and reviewers to provide guidance and best practices for the design, delivery, scoring and use of digital assessments, while ensuring validity, fairness, accessibility, security, and privacy. The guidelines will be a living document and there...

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Build vs buy decisions: A guide for product managers

February 28th 2023

With recent rapid changes in the edtech landscape there has never been greater pressure to deliver software on time and profitably. Focusing on digital assessment, this paper from Learnosity gives product owners a fresh take on the classic build versus buy dilemma. With resources that make it easy to accurately estimate the costs of your unique project, this guide will help you plan with purpose. READ PAPER

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Pearson VUE’s 2023 Value of IT Certification Candidate Report highlights the importance of certification for career progression in a post-pandemic era.

February 7th 2023

The 2023 Value of IT Certification Candidate Report, the eighth in an ongoing series, shares the perspectives and experiences of more than 21,000 professionals in 176 countries who prepared for and earned IT certifications with Pearson VUE amidst changing and challenging working conditions. This year’s report proves even further that the value of IT certifications is understood and appreciated by both those pursuing them and their employers.

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Pseudonymity: An Answer to Assessment Privacy Concerns?

May 3rd 2022

Privacy and protecting learner data are foundational to the success of assessments. Get it wrong and the road back is a long one. Pseudonymous data is a proven way to reduce the surface area to protect against threats. This paper is a primer explaining how pseudonymity reduces risk and works in practice, describing its use in Caveon and Learnosity. An essential read for anyone looking to up their privacy game....

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eAA Annual Review 2021

December 1st 2021

Welcome to our 2021 Annual Review. In this review, we highlight the vast number of activities we were engaged in throughout the year. These include events exclusively organised by the Association, partnership events, and third-party events where Board Members were involved in raising the profile of the Association worldwide. It will give you a snapshot as to the size and reach of the Association in 2021, and highlights our sponsors...

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Maths e.g. – a learning and assessment resource for students and teachers at the school/university interface

October 6th 2021

Department of Mathematics, Brunel University. Since 2000 we have been developing the maths e.g. e-assessment system at: [link to third party website] for casual use (no sign up required) and a teachers’ interface at:[link to third party website] where (after you sign up) tests may be composed by teachers from the 5000 or so question spaces, in a manner similar to shopping on Amazon (but entirely free). This generates...

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