the e-Assessment Association


Newsletter October 2019

November 21st 2019

Welcome to the latest quarterly from the eAA Welcome to the latest newsletter from the e-Assessment Association. We have been very busy at eAA HQ (which is, clearly, entirely virtual) as we put plans in place to organise our first ever two-day conference and exhibition. Picking up the reins from Jeff Ross and Martyn Roads of Assessment Tomorrow, we are delighted to take forward the e-Assessment Question Exhibition & Conference....

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Newsletter July 2019

August 1st 2019

Dear eAA Member, As you all know, the e-Assessment Association is a not-for-profit voluntary organisation, and we continue to grow year-on-year...

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Newsletter March 2019

April 1st 2019

Dear Members, It is an exciting time for the Association and so there is more reason than ever for you to consider joining the Board. Ahead of our Annual General Meeting (to be held at the America Square Conference Centre, London at 8.45am on 11th April) we will hold elections for positions on the Board, vacant by rotation, and you have perhaps already seen my separate email encouraging you to...

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Newsletter November 2018

December 1st 2018

Dear Members, It seems that 2018 has literally whizzed-by (or perhaps this is just me getting older!) but what a year it has been. As you'll hear in greater detail below in relation to some of these, your Board has been actively promoting debate and awareness around e-assessment in a number of events and conference throughout 2018 including...

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Newsletter July 2018

August 1st 2018

Welcome to the latest newsletter from the eAA - Assessment is rarely in the news until we reach peak exam season in each country. Then the news (often pretty negative) comes flooding out in the newspapers, onto blog posts and via twitter feeds. Most of the year, educational news focuses on teaching, or content, or the latest gadget, but we often only talk about assessment after the event itself...

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Newsletter May 2018

June 1st 2018

Welcome to the latest newsletter from the eAA - Where to begin? With the really successful second year of the international e-Assessment Awards? With our first ever virtual AGM? With news on the most contested Board elections we have ever held? With a report on our Blockchain presentation at the eAssessment Question? With not one, but two short blogs and a white paper...

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