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ChatGPT Cheating and Exam Integrity

August 30th 2023

Any exam that exists has a student counterpart that has already tried (and possibly succeeded) in cheating on it.

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e-Assessment for Financial institutions

July 11th 2023

In this e-book, Cirrus covers the latest technologies and best practices: Using the benefits to your advantage while navigating the hurdles Streamlining assessment processes Enhancing data security Implementing the platform as smoothly as possible With practical advice and real-world examples, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about the e-assessment tools that are right for your organisation. Download here

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Test prep options for test takers

May 18th 2023

Test Prep Options for Test Takers

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LOFT 3.0: Beyond Test Centres

May 17th 2023

A comprehensive guide to delivering secure, on-demand, remote assessments

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How to Develop the Right Test Content for your Certification Programme

April 24th 2023

Valid, reliable and fair test content is central to providing the quality and assurance required from certification programmes and this can only be achieved through a rigorous test development process. One that involves numerous steps, plus the engagement of multiple subject matter experts (SMEs) and psychometric and test development specialists. The purpose of any testing programme is to assess the fundamental skills and knowledge a test taker needs to be...

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New ebook: Assessment as an engine of innovation

August 23rd 2022

There is a transformation underway in learning and education. Dissatisfaction with the status quo has created a growing appetite to explore new ways of testing. Assessment is no longer the end destination of the learning journey-it powers the entire learning experience from start to finish.  This ebook from eAA Gold Sponsor Learnosity, unpacks the areas in which innovation is happening, exploring the key requirements of modern assessment technology. Link to...

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