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Transforming Assessment for Health & Safety Construction Courses in the UK

July 20th 2018

Tags: Remote Invigilation, Online Proctoring, Certification, Online Assessment, Exam authoring, Test assembly, Marking & reporting COSAC are working with TestReach to transform how health and safety courses and exams are run for construction workers who wish to obtain an approved Labourer’s Green Card. The CSCS approved COSAC’s Safe2Site course, which uses TestReach remote invigilation exam delivery, as it was secure and met the high standards required. This is the first time a course has met all the Regulatory Principles contained within CSCS’s e-assessment policy.

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British University Using Maple T.A. to Develop Fully Online Course

June 11th 2018

Online courses are a valuable asset for post-secondary institutions, making their courses accessible to a greater number of potential students. The case study below details how faculty at the University of Manchester are using Maplesoft's testing and assessment software, Maple T.A., to help them develop a course that will be delivered completely online.

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How the Institute of Directors Used Online Assessment and Remote Invigilation to Transform their Certification Delivery

October 24th 2017

Tags: Remote Invigilation  Online Invigilation  Online Proctoring  Certification  Online Assessment
The Institute of Directors Works with TestReach to Offer Candidates a Flexible and Convenient Way to Sit Exams

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Diagnostic self-assessment tool to check compliance with environmental legislation across Scotland and Northern Ireland

July 26th 2016

Tags:  Self-assessment   Branching assessment   On-screen Testing   Assessment Software   Industry Compliance Self-assessment diagnostic tool created for NetRegs (a partnership between the Northern Ireland Environment Agency and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency) by eCom Scotland

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Saxion University in the Netherlands share their benefits from using an end-to-end assessment platform

July 14th 2016

Tags:   Higher Education   On-screen Testing   Assessment Software   Established in 1998 and with roots dating back to 1875, Saxion University of Applied Sciences (known in their local tongue as a Hogescholen) are no strangers to technology.

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BTL and City & Guilds Case Study

August 11th 2014

 The City and Guilds Functional Skills ICT Simulations Test Project

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