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Keeping medicine moving: How Questionmark brought the ABPI’s exam program online

April 28th 2023

This case study looks at how Questionmark supported the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, (ABPI) in delivering crucial exams during the height of the 2020 pandemic. The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, (ABPI) is a trade association and awarding organization that strives to improve access to new medicines and vaccines to make the latest treatments available to people in the UK The ABPI works in partnership with the NHS (National Health Service), the Government, and the life sciences industry.

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Assessing oracy reliably and at scale with Adaptive Comparative Judgement

April 5th 2023

Oracy is recognised worldwide as a powerful tool for learning that empowers students to find their own voice, and better understand themselves and people around them. However, assessing oracy has proved challenging as existing approaches raise concerns over validity and reliability. To assess oracy, a holistic approach that considers performance qualities, subjectivity, and variability is needed. Voice 21, the UK’s oracy education charity, partnered with Assessment from RM to explore...

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Anytime Assessments by AKAD University and Cirrus: a case study

March 24th 2023

In a world where technology is evolving at break-neck speed, two game-changing companies came together to push the boundaries of e-assessment even further. AKAD required an e-assessment platform for formative and summative exams that were both randomised and equally challenging for its 11,500+ students In addition, they required the possibility to deliver exams on-demand, and provide personalised feedback and learning guidance during formative exams. In their quest to provide one of Germany’s most flexible education systems, AKAD and Cirrus joined forces to provide randomised “Anytime Assessments” using Cirrus' Blueprint function.

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e-Assessment Supports School and System Improvement in Ontario: A Case Study

March 21st 2023

By Richard Jones, President - RMJ Assessment & Pino Buffone, Director of Education - Renfrew County District School Board Introduction Province-wide student assessments have made a strong contribution to education in the province of Ontario for over a quarter century. Through the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO), an arm's-length agency of the provincial government that contributes to the quality and accountability of Ontario's publicly funded education system for K-12,...

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Augmenting Professional Creativity through Hands-On Assessment

November 29th 2022

A case study from TCS iON 'Hands-On' is a concept of ‘assessing by doing’. We all know the benefits it can provide in making assessments more interesting as well as retaining the knowledge gained for a longer period.  TCS iON recently leveraged it to solve business challenges of one of their corporate customers as well as to measure candidate’s capabilities more efficiently while recruiting. We worked with Euroclear - a...

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PSI and UK Home Office – Using journey mapping to uphold test integrity and improve the test taker experience

November 4th 2022

PSI has partnered with the UK Home Office to deliver secure LitUK testing for over a decade. Well into an effective partnership, with test taker satisfaction levels consistently above 90%, the team knew they were getting a lot right. But they still wanted to identify possible areas for improvement, potential gaps and operational efficiencies. Most importantly, mapping and analyzing the test taker journey was an opportunity to look at the LitUK testing experience from the test taker perspective. To make the experience as easy and accessible as possible – for all test takers.

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