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All About Examity’s Proctors

June 9th 2021

Live proctoring solutions are only as good as their most valuable resource: it’s proctors. Examity have built a team of best-in-class professionals to provide a superior testing experience. Examity have high standards for quality proctoring- here is a closer look at how they define it and the steps that they take to ensure it. Hiring Quality proctoring starts with hiring the right people. Examity’s proctors go through a rigorous selection...

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What’s On Your Mind? Industry Professionals Weigh in on Online Proctoring

May 17th 2021

Blog republished with kind permission from Examity. The original blog can be read here Recently, Examity created a survey* to learn more about the top questions, considerations, and prospective opportunities in the online proctoring sphere. We received a lot of responses, making it clear that this subject is definitely top-of-mind for both universities and professional testing organizations. Below are the four questions we asked and what we learned from individual...

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Referencing styles: an obstacle to clear referencing? By John Norris, Chartered Insurance Institute

May 4th 2021

The Chartered Insurance Institute is a qualification provider dedicated to building public trust in the insurance and financial planning profession. I work to prevent plagiarism by supporting our learners, and by checking that assignments do not contain content which is not their own original work. I recently hosted a webinar on how to avoid plagiarism (taking someone else's work and passing it off as your own) by using clear referencing...

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Examining the Experts: Predicting the post-pandemic assessment and e-assessment landscape and trends

April 29th 2021

Republished with permission from TestReach. The original article can be read here A range of assessment consultants have in the past contributed their expertise to our popular "Examining the Experts" blog series. So we returned to some of our experts, and asked them to look into their crystal ball and give us their thoughts on where things are headed for the future of assessment and e-assessment. We're sure you'll find...

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New blog: Running trials in a pandemic

March 15th 2021

By Andy Lewis, AlphaPlus It has been almost a year since schools first shut to limit the spread of coronavirus. As well as all of the obvious disruptions, Covid-19 has had a massive impact on our trialling work, delaying or otherwise changing many of the trialling projects we had in the pipeline. As part of our work developing assessments, we undertake a lot of trialling - learners trying out assessments so we...

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Transitioning to digital assessment in high stakes exams: to dip a toe, or take the plunge?

March 2nd 2021

In a fast-changing world, assessment does not have the choice of standing still. Technology is embedded in the lives and learning experiences of students, and assessment needs to embrace this change. Digital solutions can drive improvement in assessment and mitigate the disruption of studies caused by Covid-19, but awarding organisations face many challenges when transitioning from paper to digital assessment.  Digital assessment can open-up a world of benefits for students,...

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