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Ensuring EDI in assessment content

September 12th 2023

Ben Rockliffe, AlphaPlus’s Deputy Director of Assessment explains how to ensure assessment content is inclusive of culture, equality and diversity. As an international education services company specialising in assessment, AlphaPlus spends a lot of time creating assessments. Clearly, we focus a lot on the subject and level of the content being assessed, but there are a range of other important factors we need to consider during the development process. This article explains three key considerations – culture, equality and diversity – that ensure assessments are appropriate for diverse cohorts of learners.

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Benefits of using a Digital Grading Platform to Evaluate Student Learning

September 11th 2023

A blog by Manjider Kainth, CEO, Graide Teaching, lecturing, researching, writing references, reviewing journal papers, dealing with endless admin. Academics, today, face many demands on their time. They’re being asked to be more available outside class and provide more one-on-one attention to students. A piece in the Times Higher Education magazine, last August, stated that “overworked academics ‘give away one-third of their time’” And then there’s marking and assessment! Let’s look at how making good use of a digital grading platform can ease the burden, improve the experience for everyone involved, and help with: 📌 accuracy 🤝 engagement 🎓 collaboration

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UK Government call for Evidence: Generative AI in Education

August 11th 2023

The UK Government's call for evidence on Generative AI in Education presents an opportunity to highlight the potential of this transformative technology. By embracing AI, we have the opportunity to revolutionize assessments, empower students, and create a more inclusive and equitable learning environment

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Value of large-scale, online student assessments

August 9th 2023

An article by Dr. Richard Jones, President, RMJ Assessment The purpose of this article is to provide a rationale for conducting large-scale, student assessments by identifying the benefits of conducting the assessments in an online format and illustrating their value to all levels of the education system and the wider public. Why Administer Large-scale Student Assessments? Large-scale student assessments have been a fixture in education for more than a century....

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Automated Question Generation by Generative AI

August 7th 2023

A blog by Swarup Chatterjee, Technology Head - TCS iON AI and Machine Learning In today's ever-evolving education landscape, creating potent questions and delivering engaging assessments are very important. Fortunately, educators can now leverage automated authoring, a cutting-edge approach that harnesses the capabilities of generative AI to generate questions for learning experiences and assessments. Automated authoring revolutionizes question generation through item banks and text analysis techniques. The system thus offers...

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Skynet or Wall-E? The implications of Generative AI for exam security

July 18th 2023

Back in 2021, AI was going to be our constructive ally in assessment, supporting us with topics such as ID verification, content creation and auto-marking. So, what’s changed? In this blog, Paul Muir, Chief Strategy and Partnership Officer At Surpass Assessment, explores the threats and mitigations in AI ahead of the upcoming ATP Security Committee White Paper on Security Implications of AI.

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