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Blog post: English Language Testing – Shaping the e-Assessment Sector

July 7th 2020

In this blog, Geoff Chapman, Management and Business Development Consultant, former Vice-Chairman of the e-Assessment Association and co-founder of trade publication World Exam Tech looks at the use of ELT English language testing (ELT) is rapidly growing, driven by learners developing work language skills, entering higher education, settlement, and for pleasure. Disruption is also occurring: exam owners attempting innovative e-Assessment delivery, and creating new distribution channels. ELT for higher education...

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New podcast from the eAA series: Assessment and COVID-19, Episode 5, The Irreversible Direction of Travel with the British Council

June 19th 2020

Episode 5, The Irreversible Direction of Travel. Insights from the e-Assessment Association Community In the fifth and final episode of a new podcast series by the eAA we welcome guests from the e-Assessment Association Community and discuss the impact of COVID-19. eAA board member, Gareth A Hopkins from City & Guilds, interviews Steve Adams, Director Examinations East Asia Region, and Paul Muir, Head of Computer Based Testing (CBT), both from...

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Blog post: Why the IoD is keeping ahead – and how they got there

June 17th 2020

The benefits of technology to boost efficiency and productivity are well-documented, but in the area of assessment, organisations have been slower than others to embrace the benefits of technology, often relating to concerns about security and integrity of the examination process. Graham Hudson, eAA board member reports. The Coronavirus outbreak has meant that schools have embraced online lessons, companies have been forced to implement home working and web conferencing has...

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Blog Post: The Importance of Assessment Validity

June 3rd 2020

Assessment validity, or how fit an assessment is for its intended purpose, rightly underpins the design of many assessments. John Winkley, AlphaPlus’ Director of Sales, shares his thoughts on the importance of validity. In this short blog, I want to talk about two aspects of assessment that have come up in discussions with clients at this most difficult of times, and have reminded me of my reasons for taking up...

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Blog Post: Coming of age – the e-Assessment Question

June 2nd 2020

Reaching the age of 18 is a momentous birthday year, celebrated in western societies with the gift of porcelain. 2020 sees the 18th E-Assessment Question (EAQ) event. Moving online for this year, EAQ is an excellent indicator of the e-assessment sector’s health.

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Unrest in Oxford … or the impact of new technology in exams!

June 1st 2020

By Association Secretary, Graham Hudson. First published on LinkedIn, May 25 2020 The article in today's Times highlights the changing nature of examinations and its impact on individuals. Oxford University students express concern about the sense of 'intrusion' that remote proctoring has on their personal environment. Quite understandable - especially if they are not clear about the reason for the scrutiny. The University is in a tricky place. It wants...

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