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Beyond Multiple Choice

Beyond Multiple Choice

The 2024 BMC virtual conference takes place on 29th and 30th October 2024.

Since 2017, BMC has evolved to a platform for events and digital content exploring the future of assessment, with its flagship conference focusing on the technical, programmatic and practical aspects of assessment innovation. BMC now forms part of the eAA programme of events.

Beyond Multiple Choice is a free online event for eAA members celebrating the positive contributions that technology makes to all forms of assessment.

Beyond Multiple Choice Conference 2023

The theme of the 2023 Beyond Multiple Choice conference was Brave new assessment in the age of AI, providing a unique platform for professionals in the assessment industry to explore the advancements and possibilities that AI brings to the field.

The conference covered a wide range of topics, providing a comprehensive understanding of the role of AI in shaping the future of assessment.

BMC 2022 Watch Again

Watch the recorded sessions from BMC 2022 including these presentations:

  • Linearity and Binary thinking as Obstacles to Educational Innovation, Ian Kinchin | Professor of Higher Education at the University of Surrey
  • Breaking from Conventional Assessment with Portable Custom Interactions, Patrick Plichart | Co-founder & Solutions Architect at Open Assessment Technologies Jean-Philippe Rivière | Web Developer & Founder of Wiquid
  • Thinking Beyond The Score: Helping Teachers & Students Utilize Assessments for Future Learning Alli Privitt | Independent Learning Consultant
  • The True Score Fallacy, Dan Farley | Administrator for Research, Assessment, Data, Accountability, and Reporting at Oregon DOE
  • Peer-to-Peer Assessment Using Comparative Judgment, Wendy Choi | Assessment Manager at International Baccalaureate 

BMC Podcasts

Listen to the Beyond Multiple Choice podcasts on Spotify and gain perspective from international researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and innovators about factors shaping our approach to assessment in education and the workforce.